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Francis ONAH-Adie is a renowned jazz musician, saxophonist, composer, arranger and singer. Born and raised in the city of Lagos, originally from (Ogoja-Bekwara) Cross-River State, Nigeria, Africa. ONAH began his musical journey at the early age of sixteen, having been influenced by many wonderful singers of various genres. At 19 years old, ONAH would take a closer step to his musical career when he bought his first trumpet.

He showed early promise, mastering the instrument, and standing by his trumpet for years before he would later pick up the saxophone at 24. Having already mastered a metal wind instrument, it took ONAH only five days to learn the rudiment. Because of his impeccable skills in playing such a complex instrument, he landed an opportunity to perform at a concert organized by Alliance France in his hometown in Lagos, alongside his former 'Black-Face Band' led by Seyi Solagbade.

This performance and many others afterward propelled Francis ONAH towards a lifetime of opportunities. His incomparable talent won the hearts of many, which took his musical career to greater heights. Since his performance in Lagos, he has continued to perform along with a lot of bands, played in countless Jazz Festivals with bands like 5&6 Squad led by Yinka Davies, Ayetoro Band led by Funsho Ogundipe to mention a few, and toured around the world with Femi Kuti and the Positive Force Band. Because of these impeccable experiences at the early stage of his career, he began to establish his purpose, which is to share the beauty of African culture with the world.

Having lived in Africa for most parts of his life, he cannot help but feel sentimental when it comes to talking about his cultural roots. That is why in his musical journey towards success, ONAH dedicates his pieces to promoting African ethnicity by mashing its artistic beauty to the power of Jazz. His passion for the culture prompted ONAH to create his Debut album entitled “Ogoja City,” which aptly resonates with the beauty of Africa and its cultural heritage.

Francis ONAH takes pride in the advocacy that he carries. In the years to come, he hopes that his goal of sparking cultural awareness around the world can result in a place filled with a heightened appreciation for the ethnic richness of African heritage. Through his poignant ballads and melodies, he invites everyone to lend him their ears as he continues to grace them with the beauty of Africa, one note at a time.