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Ogoja City, Francis Onah’s Tribute to His African Heritage in the Music Industry

The music industry is abundant with many artists who come from different backgrounds looking to share their music. Francis Onah is a rising artist who hails from Africa with a discography that pays tribute to his culture.

Francis Onah on the Recent Release of His Debut Album

The powerful combination of talent, passion, and vision can elevate dreams, transcend limits, and break barriers.

Francis Onah Uses the Power of Music to Promote Cultural Awareness

Aspiring musicians chase after their dreams for different reasons. While some individuals bask in the glory of fame and wealth, some make it their mission to celebrate and promote their roots through music and arts.

Jazz Musician Francis Onah Brings African Culture to the World With His Album Ogoja City

For many musicians, they discover their passion and begin their pursuit as children. However, not all of them have the means to chase their dreams. Some start as late as their teenage years, while others only have the financial stability to begin their pursuit as adults.

Francis Onah Takes Listeners on an Exciting Journey Through His African Roots in a Newly Released Single Published

Francis Onah is a renowned jazz musician, saxophonist, composer, arranger, and singer. He has an impressive portfolio, playing with many bands at various jazz festivals around the world.

LIL Magazine September 2020 Issue

Over the past six months we have all spent a lot of time entertaining ourselves at home, especially through series, movies and music.

Music Interview: Francis Onah – Iripia, Or A Song Of Survival

Onah’s new single, Iripia, leans more into his African roots. He was born in Lagos, Nigeria and the song was inspired by his cultural heritage with sounds that tells stories of the region.